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Submission Description

Designed to Dwell is dedicated to exploring the art of living through creative and innovative design. This exhibition seeks to highlight how artistry and functionality merge to transform everyday living spaces into realms of aesthetic delight and introduce themes of both practical and impractical comfort or discomfort.

We invite artists, designers, and makers to submit original handmade works that challenge and expand the boundaries of traditional home furnishings and decor. We are looking for pieces that include, but are not limited to, sofas, chairs, lamps, tables, rugs, pillows, coat racks, curtains, ceramics, shelving, and more. The key is innovation and creativity in reimagining the objects that inhabit our typical living spaces. Submissions can be either functional, ornamental, or both. However, they do not need to fulfill both criteria to be considered. Whether your piece serves a practical purpose or exists purely for artistic expression, we want to see how your work contributes to the concept of dwelling.

Submission Requirements: 

We emphasize that submissions should be sculptural or three-dimensional, offering a tactile and physical presence that goes beyond traditional wall art. A photograph of a chair or a painting of a lamp, while artistic, will not suffice for this exhibition. Instead, we seek tangible and sculptural works that offer a three-dimensional experience and interact with the dynamics of a living space.

Materials are no boundary for this show as these works can be crafted from an expansive array of materials that embody the vast possibilities of texture, form, and function. Whether your medium is wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, glass, or another mixed media construct, we encourage you to submit your creations despite any materials you may use. While we are open to both functional and ornamental pieces, submissions must move beyond mere utility or decoration to touch upon the realms of fine art. We seek pieces that not only serve to beautify a space but also provoke thought, convey artistic intent, and embody a high level of craftsmanship and conceptual depth.

Submissions close on July 11th with acceptances going out between the dates of July 12th and July 20th. Drop-offs for artwork must be in no later than July 27th. If you need to ship your artwork to us then you can do so! We just ask that you schedule your delivery to be here during normal gallery hours if possible and provide us with a tracking number as soon as you can if you are accepted. In addition, all shipped artwork must include prepaid return postage. Artworks received after the date of July 27th will not be displayed.

To be considered for this exhibition, you must include a title (untitled if applicable), a price (NFS if applicable), sizing, and theyear constructed. Artists may submit up to five artworks with jurors selecting a maximum of three artworks. This show will be juried in by Union Street Gallery Studio Artists Dorita Fuller, a fiber artist and Surface Design Association Member, Debbie Burk, a ceramics artist and Governors State University Professor, as well as Gretchen Jankowski, an internationally recognized printmaking and fiber artist and a Governors State University Professor.

If accepted, please ensure that all artworks are labeled with the title (untitled if applicable), artist name, measurements, medium, year, and sale price (NFS if applicable) using the labels at the following link:  https://pdf.ac/1Qc3vi


  • There are no size restrictions.
  • You can submit between 1 and 5 works and we will accept a maximum of 3 works per artist to display during the show.
  • Submission Fee: $30
  • Please note that Union Street Gallery takes a 30% commission of artwork sales made. Please consider this before submitting your prices on this application. 
  • Expectations are that artwork is ready to hang or display upon arrival. This includes but is not limited to artwork being framed, frames being wired for hanging, special display materials provided by the artist, etc. Also, all work must be accompanied by the following information: Title, Medium, Size, Price, Year. 
  • In addition, all submissions for Designed to Dwell must note whether or not they are intractable artworks as stated in the submission form. Potential interactions include but are not limited to; sitting, pulling, pushing, and standing. Please make note of the boundaries of the artwork (if you have any) within the form and we'll be sure to make accommodations for these boundaries when displaying your artwork.

Designed to Dwell Timeline:

  • Deadline to Submit: July 11th, 2024
  • Acceptance Confirmations: sent out from July 12th through July 20th
  • Show dates: Aug 8th - Aug 31st, 2024
  • Reception Date: Aug 17th, 2024
  • Reception Time: 11 AM to 4 PM

Artwork drop off and receiving dates: No later than July 27th | Gallery hours: (Thurs 12-4 | Fri 12-4 | Sat 11-4). 

Artwork that arrives or is dropped off later than these dates will not be included in the exhibition.

       All applicants will receive an email confirmation regarding your acceptance or nonacceptance by July 21st at the absolute latest.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Director of Union Street Gallery, Julian Graham, at Director@UnionStreetGallery.org

Thank you so much for submitting to this upcoming show! See you soon!


Note: Submission fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Union Street Gallery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all submission fees are considered as donations to the gallery and helps fund exhibits, classes and workshops, maintenance fees, and more. For more information, visit UnionStreetGallery.org

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