Call For A Mural Artist

Union Street Gallery (in Chicago Heights) is seeking a mural artist to complete a project on the exterior of our building’s back. The only restriction to the project is that the mural should indicate that our building is an art gallery and should include our logo. Please submit an application (via Submittable) consisting of the following to be considered:

Time frame: 

Applications Open on October 1, 2021

Application Close on December 31, 2021

Decision Made in Early 2022

Project Begins Spring/Summer 2022

Building Logistics: The dimensions of the back wall of the gallery are roughly 35 feet by 50 feet.

Payment: An honorarium will be paid to the artist and will be commensurate with the scale of the project coupled with the amount of experience the artist has and the hours proposed for the project.

 Please email the director at for images of the back wall.

Union Street Gallery