Ends on July 20, 2018


Hand Lettering

August 23 – September 15, 2018 

Union Street Gallery is looking for work that involves hand lettering – think calligraphers, sign painters, and those who just love to work with lettering by HAND! Based on submissions and juror selection, a more specific focus may emerge or this may highlight the variety of art that connects with the theme “hand lettering”. 

While we understand that much of this work can be done digitally by using a stylus or creating your own fonts, we do not want digitally created pieces or prints of originals. Printmaking, especially letterpress, is also a tricky medium in this call. We also do not want work that has been created with letterpress, unless the letters were also handmade and part of the submission. Similarly, if your print was created on the computer using pre-loaded or slightly edited types it does not fit this call. 

 About the Jurors 

Pamela Rodey 

Pamela is an artist, calligrapher, and singer in the south suburbs of Chicago. She has taken numerous classes and workshops at international calligraphy conferences and through the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. Pamela has been a member of the collective frin 1982 and currently serves as their Special Events Chair, in addition to attending monthly study groups. 

Alexis Moulds 

Alexis is a designer and illustrator in the south suburbs of Chicago. You can view her work at http://www.alexismouldsart.com Check out the Personal section for some of her lettering work, or visit her instagram @ alexismoulds



July 14  Submission DUE by midnight- NO EXCEPTIONS, only through Submittable  

July 23 Artists will receive notification of acceptance or rejection for the exhibition via email  

Aug  2-4 Shipped work can arrive 

Aug 9-11  Shipped work can arrive. Hand Delivered work should be dropped off during regular gallery hours, or by prior appointment. 

Aug 23 – Sept 15 Exhibit is open 

Aug 25 RECEPTION 1-3pm

Sept 20-22 All exhibited work MUST be picked up, during regular gallery hours. Shipped work will be packed up and sent out the following week. 


Open to artists 18+ living in the United States. All media will be considered. Original artwork only. No art previously exhibited at USG in the past 2 years will be accepted 


Use of Images and Name 

Images of accepted works will be used for promotional purposes: postcard, social media posts, emails, press releases, etc. Art that is accepted will appear on the USG website, provided the gallery receives an acceptable jpeg. Artists are responsible for forwarding the postcards and email invites to their own contact lists. Your name will be used in various promotional purposes as well. Accepted artists will be sent a consent form with more details. 


Union Street Gallery, a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, retains a 30% donation from any sale resulting from the exhibition. The gallery handles sales tax for the artists. 


USG provides no insurance for artwork while on premises or during shipping to and from the gallery. Artists are responsible for insuring their artwork.


All accepted entries being shipped must arrive by 3pm, August 11, no exceptions. All accepted entries being hand delivered must arrive by 4pm, August 11, no exceptions. Please contact us early if you may need to arrange alternative times – this is a not a guarantee we can accommodate your schedule. See calendar for delivery and shipping dates. Accepted work only, no substitution. Curators reserve the right to refuse work that does not meet the requirements, is damaged, considered too fragile for exhibit, is misrepresented in the image, or simply will not work for their vision once they begin curating. Your delivery may say it was a failed attempt because of our gallery hours. We make every attempt to be here to accept deliveries even when we are not open during the expect delivery weeks. Our delivery carriers know this and leave information so we can make sure we are available the next day. Do not worry if you see the initial delivery attempt was not successful. 

Labeling Work 

We strongly suggest you affix a business card and a label including the title, artist name, media, year completed, and price to the back of your piece permanently. We also require an additional label be affixed temporarily for our use during hanging. You can use the labels at the end of this document as needed. The temporary label should be attached to the back, frame, or plexiglass and be easily removable and not damaging (something like painter’s tape). 


Please note - NO PACKING PEANUTS PLEASE, NO USPS Shipped work must be packed in a reusable container with appropriate packing materials. NO PACKING PEANUTS PLEASE. Artwork will be packed up in the same manner it was sent. The gallery will not provide additional packing materials. If artwork is framed and being shipped to the gallery, please use plexiglass in the frame, not glass

Artists who ship their work are required to provide the gallery with a prepaid return shipping label by the week before the end of the exhibit, September 7. Label can be mailed or emailed. IDEALLY, log into your FEDEX or UPS account to and print a return label with your initial shipping label. Attach the return label to your work of art, or the inside of the box. 

Do NOT use USPS, the United States Postal Service. The gallery does not cover any shipping or postage costs, and the USPS does not provide return shipping labels. The gallery will schedule a pick-up for artwork being shipped UPS or FedEx GROUND ONLY within two weeks of the final date of the exhibit. Artists using an alternative shipping method * must arrange for the pick-up of their artwork from the gallery on September 22 between 12-4pm. 

* Alternative shipping includes FedEx Express or FedEx Air. The gallery does not bring artwork to a UPS or FedEX store to ship out.


Hand delivered art must be picked up September 20-22 during regular gallery hours. Please contact us in advance if you need to make alternative arrangements. Art remaining at the gallery after the designated pick-up deadline will be charged a $5 daily storage fee, unless arrangements have been made in advance. Artwork left after 30 days becomes property of USG. 


Artwork must be delivered ready to install. 

• 2-D work must be prepared properly for hanging with wire, if framed. 

• Unframed works will be hung with binder clips and push pins. 

• Sculptures must sit sturdily on pedestal or floor. The gallery will provide pedestal unless artist is otherwise notified. 

• If artwork requires more than 1 hour to install, USG would prefer to schedule a time when the artist can install the work. 

Otherwise the piece will be included if there is staff time available to install. 

• If artwork weighs over 75 lbs, the artist must install themselves. If the artwork is to be hung, the artist and gallery director must 

talk to determine if this is feasible and whose responsibility the hanging and un-installing will be. 

USG reserves the right to install accepted works in a manner deemed necessary for exhibit or security reasons. All work remains on exhibit for duration of show.